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Attorney Support Services

Tel:(805) 267-9596

Fax:(805) 266-7934

Additional Services

Notary Public/Mobile Notary Services:

Court Services:

Document/Case Filings

Court Record Searches


Skip-Trace services are available for the hard to locate individuals, defendants and witnesses. We can locate and if needed, serve them.


In cases where the subject is acitvely evading service, it may become necessary to station a process server or investigator nearby the property for some time, to gather evidence or to serve the subject while entering, exiting or stepping outside their residence or building. 

Investigative Services:*

Fraud, Criminal and Dishonesty Investigations

Domestic Investigations

Incident/Accident Investigations

Polygraph Services

Employee or Witness Interviews/interrogation

Litigation Support:

Service of Process

Due Diligence

Skip Tracing

Assest Detection

Insurance Claim Investigations

Bankruptcies, Judgment and Tax Lien searches

Intelligence Support:

Background Checks

Business Background Searchs

Family and People Searches and Locates

 * Through our affiliates